What Is the Value of Painting Your Home Exterior?

The curb appeal of your house could be transformed or restored with the help of professional Fresh Painting FL. It is easy to give your house a new coat of paint. This will not only improve its aesthetic appeal but also protect it from the elements.

Does Exterior Paint Increase Home Value?

Real estate agents and appraisers often suggest that you invest in professional exterior home painting. Painting your home will not only hide faded or worn-down paint but also improve the look and appeal of your home. Paint can update, enhance, and highlight the architectural features of your home, making it look more appealing. If you are looking to sell your house, the appearance and condition of your exterior are something that guests will notice. The condition of your home’s exterior is one of the very first things guests or potential buyers will notice.

Will painting your house add value to your home? Consumer Reports states that new exterior paint and even paint touch-ups can increase the value of your house by 2-5%. A professional painter can help you revamp the exterior of your home and get a return on investment estimated at 51%.

Paint Your Exterior to Add Value

The exterior paint job of your house can also add value to it in other ways. Read on to learn 4 reasons why you should paint the exterior of your home.

Improve Curb Appeal

Painting your home’s outside can improve curb appeal. Painting your home is a great way to highlight the unique characteristics and features of its design and style. You can use it to make your home more personal by updating the design.

How to Sell Your House

When potential buyers are searching for homes online, they will see the exterior of the house as the first image. The first thing that buyers see when they arrive for a viewing is the exterior of the home. Due to the tight and competitive market for real estate, many sellers invest time and money into making improvements. A well-done painting job with the right colors can help you sell your house faster. The color of the paint can affect the selling price of a house.

Protect Yourself

Paint that is of high quality on your exterior walls will protect your home from weather, insects, and heat. Your home is more susceptible to damage from rain, snow, or ice. It can also be affected by high humidity. Paint cracks can cause wood damage by trapping moisture. Wood that is damaged can be in many forms, including cracking, flaking, and mildew. It also attracts termites. Paint your home with lighter colors to deflect harmful ultraviolet rays. This will extend the life of the paint and help cool your house.

Find Out What Repairs Are Needed

Painting the exterior of your house can provide an extra layer of protection and add value to your home by revealing any repairs that are needed. Preparation for an exterior paint job is important to bring attention to areas of damage that are visible but also those that may not be so obvious. You may find wood that is rotting, siding that requires replacement, or insects that require treatment.

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