Winter Pest Control: Does It Matter?

A lot of people think that pests will pack up and leave when the cold weather rolls in. However, the truth is that not all pests go dormant in the colder months. Some pests will infest homes and attract rodents searching for warmth. In addition, winter brings a set of pests to always look out for. Read on to learn more about the importance of winter pest control and the common pests that may try to take residence in your house:

Common Winter Pests

While pests are common year-round, homeowners frequently handle the following pests:

  • Rodents. Mice and rats require just a small opening to gain entry into houses. They can make their way into your home through the attic where they gnaw in electrical wires wood beams, and insulation. Mice and rats will invade your home for food, water, and shelter to survive the cold. 
  • Wood-destroying insects. Termites and carpenter ants can cause serious home damage from the inside out. Sadly, this damage is not discovered until it has become substantial. Seeing carpenter ants or termites inside your house during winter means they are nesting inside decaying wood, walls, and floors. 
  • Dormant insects. A lot of insects will seek refuge in your attic or basement before winter comes. Cluster flies, spiders, boxelder bugs, and Asian lady bugs will stay dormant until spring. Once the weather warms up, they can start activity in your living space. 
  • Pesky critters. Roaches thrive in areas that have plenty of moisture and food. This makes your house an ideal place for them in winter. 

Importance of Winter Pest Control

As rodents and bugs are more likely to infest homes in winter to find food and shelter, winter pest control should be an important part of your winter plans. Below are specific reasons you want to take pest control seriously when it gets cold outside:

  • Prevent home damage. Carpenter ants and termites can compromise your home’s wooden structures. They can damage furnishings and wood foundations. During winter, termites may reproduce indoors, which increases the size of an infestation. Pest-proofing your home in winter will save you money on costly repairs due to property damage. 
  • Prevent an infestation. rodents can be a year-round issue, particularly during the colder months as they look for warmth. Mice and rats can squeeze their bodies through small openings. Thus, they can enter your house through holes and cracks. Once these rodents are inside, they will stay hidden in attics and crawlspaces. Winter pest control will prevent rats and mice from invading your home through entry point inspection and exterior treatment,  
  • Protect your family. Winter pests like rats, mice, and roaches carry diseases and may spread them in your house. Also, rodents can compromise your family’s safety by gnawing on electrical wiring and posing a fire risk. Also, once they get into the HVAC system, their dander and fur can cause air contamination and exacerbate allergies. Hiring pest control services in winter ensures that your home is free from destructive and dangerous creatures.